Gear & Fitness

Fitness Levels

You don’t need to be super fit, but you will need to be in good health to complete our hikes at our brisk pace. No outdoor walking experience is needed. However, to get the most out of the experience you should have a basic level of cardio fitness. This could mean that you participate in spin, boxercise or aerobics classes or can run/jog or cycle for 20 minutes or more.  You will find hiking less intense than many gym based activities but it will require more cardio endurance so the overall calories burned should be more than your usual hour gym session. To maximize calorie burn we incorporate a few heart pumping hill sections. You are welcome to wear a heart rate monitor if you would like to optimize your exercise benefits.

Gear Suggestions

Here are some suggestions on what to bring to keep you comfortable and warm. We will be hiking rain or shine but once you get moving you will only notice the lovely countryside and not the temperature.  Only those items marked with asterisk are essential. The rest of the list should just give you some ideas if you have not done much countryside walking in the English climate before.

• Lightweight waterproof walking mid level boots with a good grip. You could use trainers, but they will be slippery, wet and do not offer any needed ankle support.*
• Waterproof lightweight jacket- In the unlikely event it rains.
• Rainproof trousers
• Small backpack or waist pouch for carrying water and waterproofs
• Waterproof case for mobile phone
• Warm gloves
• Woolly hat or Baseball cap (they sometimes blow away with the wind)
• 2 base layers such as a long sleeve wicking type t-shirt or icebreak top or Dri Fit gym shirt
• Mid layer pull over or light fleece
• Top layer warm down jacket or heavier fleece that you can keep in your bag when it gets colder
• Gaiters for keeping your feet dry in wet and muddy weather
• Favourite small snack for the walk– we will be stopping for lunch and you will be provided with a snack along the trail.
• Walking poles- very optional
• Plastic bag for muddy boots and gear
• Second pair of clean shoes (boots will be too dirty after walk to use indoors)

NO JEANS PLEASE. They are heavy,humid and restrict movement. Track suit bottoms, shorts or light weight cargo trousers are recommended.

Cotswold offers a 10% discount to those booked on a Hike to Indulge event. Once you have booked and paid you will be sent a one off promotional code.

You should be able to find all equipment and good advice in the shops or online at or



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